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AV-800V Dog Mat Packing Machine

Specially for pet beds, pet mats are vacuumed and packed in rolls. The mat material can be sponge, latex or chemical fiber etc. High efficiency, greatly saving space. The machine is highly automated and is the best choice for e-commerce logistics packaging.


Main specifications

Product Name: Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine

Model: AV-800V

Power: 6.25Kw

Capacity: 3-5 PCS/m

Packing pillow size: 400-1200mm(L), 400-900mm(W), 40-200mm(H)

Size: 4570*2380*1820mm

Load capacity: 1100Kg


Selling point:

1. SIEMENS PLC system

2. Two packaging methods: first vacuum packaging and then roll packaging

3. Wide range of uses: suitable for various materials and specifications

Production cycle: 1 month

Price: 15000

RMB: 110000





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