Sponge cutting machine series

CNC sponge cutting series, 3D modeling.

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Sponge cutting machine series

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Technical Specification

Model AV-805C
Cutting foam size L3000*W2000*H1200mm
cutting speed 0-50m/min
processing precision ±1mm
blade speed 500-1800m/min
operating system Y-CUT+CAD
operating system Windows XP / Window7
total power 12kw
machine external size L7500*W4500*H3200mm

The ring-knife special-shaped CNC sponge cutting machine is an advanced domestically advanced special-shaped cutting equipment with high practicability and low noise. The X, Y, and Z axis are commanded by the computer system and automatically cut according to the trajectory of the graph. Can process any size sponge fast, all kinds of sponge fonts, slow rebound sponge, high rebound sponge, etc., special-shaped cleaning products, PVA EPE EPS and so on. The machine is produced and processed without dust, is green and environmentally friendly, and the blade is durable.



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