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1. The main specifications and technical indicators of the combined unit

  ★ Nominal machine width: 3200mm

  ★ Net width after trimming: 2800mm

  ★ Production capacity: >60 beds/hour

  ★ Main raw material: suitable for 0.7dtex, 3~6dtex chemical fiber.


2. Combined unit technological process

  Raw material→100 type opening machine→140 type cotton feeder→-150 type carding machine

  →PW-320 type netting machine→QD-320 type computer cutting machine→ZT-320 type computer setting machine


3. Main equipment technical parameters and mechanical characteristics

  1. -100 type opening machine

  ◆ The opening method adopts comb needle and nail plate to open.

  ◆ The frame is welded by δ10mm thick high-quality carbon steel, and after qualitative treatment, stress is completely eliminated.

  ◆ The feeding horizontal curtain is made of wood, with a width of 880mm and a circumference of 4800mm.

  ◆ The opener is equipped with a powerful magnet to absorb metal impurities.

  ◆ The diameter of the cotton feeding roller is φ70mm, the upper and lower pairs are equipped with surface grooves, and the upper roller spring is pressurized. The roller and the input curtain are controlled by a 0.75kw×4-pole ordinary motor with 70/60:1 worm gear.

  ◆ The roller of the opening machine is φ400mm, and the flange is equipped with a nail plate.

  ◆ The high-speed centrifugal cotton blowing fan is equipped with an independent fan, the feeding is interlocked with the opening roller motor, the feeding is equipped with a reverse switch, the fan motor is 2.2kw×4 poles, and the cotton conveying pipe diameter is φ200mm galvanized iron pipe.

  ◆ Control mode: The control box is installed on the side panel of the feeding curtain, and the feeding curtain and the roller are controlled by the photoelectric control of the cotton storage bin of the cotton feeder during operation, and there is a forward and reverse reverse switch.

  ◆ Machine width: 1000mm

  ◆ Roller diameter: φ500mm

  ◆ Conveying curtain speed: ≤10m/min

  ◆ Output: 100~180kg/h

  ◆ Power: main drive 4kw, feeding roller 0.75kw, fan 2.2kw, total power 6.95kw.


2. GM-140 type cotton feeder

  ◆ It is suitable for fully mixing the opened fibers and evenly transporting them to the next process.

  ◆ The photoelectric control of the cotton storage in the cotton box, the vibration plate is adjustable, and the cotton feeding quantity is controlled.

  ◆ The output of the cotton box is controlled by photoelectric, and the fiber is conveyed by the corner nail curtain in the cotton box. The size of the corner nail curtain is 1370×3800mm.

  ◆ The end face of the beater shaft uses a protective disc to prevent cotton from being wound.

  ◆ Three nail bars and screws on the surface of the beater diameter φ310mm.

  ◆ The frame is made of δ8mm thick high-quality carbon steel, which is qualitatively treated to eliminate stress.

  ◆ Vibration motor 0.75kw×6-pole ordinary motor.

  ◆ The corner nail curtain is driven by a 1.5kw speed-regulating motor with an 80/10:1 worm gear.

  ◆ Machine width: 1400mm

  ◆ Output: 100-180kg/h

  ◆ Power: 2.25kw


3. SL-150 single cylinder, double doffer carding machine (φ850)

  ◆ Suitable for high-speed carding of polyester, polypropylene, vinylon, two-component chemical fibers and other fibers into a net.

  ◆ Cylinder, doffer, work roll, stripping roll, etc. are all quenched and tempered and precision processed.

  ◆ A messy roller is installed in front of the doffer, and the cotton output adopts a frequency conversion motor.

  ◆ The card clothing is selected from Shanghai famous brand, and the model specification is determined by the final product.

  ◆ Strip the cotton with a knife.

  ◆ Feeding: Equipped with anti-metal protection device, 4 rollers are wrapped with metal card clothing, divided into upper and lower pairs, in which the first pair of upper roller bearing seats and transmission gears are nylon parts, which can detect metal It also has the functions of self-stop alarm and reversing.

  ◆ The main bearing adopts Wuxi Torrington and Cylinder main motor electromagnetic speed control.

  ◆ The roller feeder adopts frequency conversion control 0.75kw×4-pole ordinary motor with 87:1 cycloidal needle wheel.

  ◆ The cylinder and doffer are castings, the cylinder wall thickness is 25mm, the doffer wall thickness is 20mm, and there is a reinforcement ring inside, and the other rollers are seamless steel pipes with a wall thickness of 6-8mm.

  ◆ The cylindricity of each roller is not greater than 0.05mm to ensure dynamic and static balance.

  ◆ Cylinder radial runout: ≤0.05mm

  ◆ Cylinder diameter: φ850mm

  ◆ Doffer diameter: φ492mm

  ◆ Diameter of work roll: φ130mm

  ◆ Stripping roller diameter: φ79mm

  ◆ Licker diameter: φ241mm

  ◆ Output: 100~160kg/h (assessed by 6D first-class chemical fiber)

  ◆ Supporting power: cylinder 7.5kw, doffer 1.5kw, feed 0.75kw.


  4. PW-320 type netting machine

  ◆ This machine is used to spread the carded cotton wool into a certain thickness and width for the next process.

  ◆ Fully adopt foreign body structure, the main frame is a folded plate structure, which has sufficient strength and stability. The track is anti-oil leakage, and the vertical and horizontal thickness are δ8mm and δ6mm respectively.

  ◆ The netting is equipped with segmented independent frequency conversion control to ensure the quality of the fiber net is even and flat.

  ◆ The reciprocating control signal adopts infrared photoelectric converter or Omron photoelectric switch programmable control.

  ◆ All motors are controlled by frequency conversion.

  ◆ The height of the bottom curtain of the laminator can be adjusted to 500mm.

  ◆ The bottom curtain of the netting machine is made of wood, and the input curtain is made of antistatic PVC curtain.

  ◆ Enter the curtain width: 1700mm.

  ◆ Output curtain width: 3200mm.

  ◆ Output curtain speed: 1-8m/min adjustable.

  ◆ Laying curtain speed: 20-40m/min adjustable.

  ◆ Synchronous toothed belt transmission is adopted for reciprocating.

  ◆ Each transmission component is specially designed for light weight and high strength.

  ◆ Fiber web unevenness: ≤5% (left, middle and right three points)

  ◆ Supporting power: reciprocating 2.2kw with 100/10:1 worm gear, inclined curtain and compensation curtain 1.5kw with 80/10:1 worm gear. The bottom curtain motor is 1.5kw, and the transmission speed is adjusted according to the product requirements.


  5. QD-320 computer cutting machine

  ◆ This machine is suitable for any cotton, synthetic fiber, wool, camel hair and other raw materials.

  ◆ Electronic counting, automatic cut off at fixed length.

  ◆ Machine width: 3200mm

  ◆ Production capacity: 60 beds/hour

  ◆ Power: 1.5kw


  6.ZT-320 computer set-up machine

  ◆ Suitable for any raw materials such as cotton, synthetic fiber, wool, camel hair.

  ◆ Photoelectric control, accurate and smooth installation.

  ◆ Machine width: 3200mm

  ◆ Production capacity: 60 beds/hour

  ◆ Power: 1.1kw


Four, equipment list and price

Serial number

Device model and name


Unit price
(ten thousand yuan)

Total price
(ten thousand yuan)


KS-100 type opening machine

1 set




GM-140 type cotton feeder

1 set




SL-150 carding machine

1 set




PW-320 Type Laying Machine

1 set




QD-320 computer cutting machine

1 set




ZT-320 computer set-up machine

1 set




Electrical control system

1 set



Total (ten thousand yuan)



No. Name&type quantity QTY Unit Price(USD) Amount(SET)
1 Bale opener(capacity300kg) 1 3 7000 21000
2 Fiber Pre-opening machine 1   6000 6000
3 Vibrating feeding machine 1   7000 5000
4 Single-cylinder double doffer carding machine(1800cm) 1   35000 35000
5 Cross lapper 1   14000 14000
6 Oven(gas heating,6m long,one burner) 1   40000 40000
7 Cooling machine3m ,4KW 1   5000 5000
7 Winder&cutting machine 1   8000 7500
  Finish roll 3m,capacity 150kg-180kg/h        
Delivery time Within 50 DAYS after 30% advance payments by T/T before shipment.
Delivery method Partial with wooden package
Payment term Take 30% of the total price as advance payment by T/T and the balance should be paid off before delivery.
Installation The seller is responsible for installation and debugging.The whole installation,debugging and training will take about 15-30 days,and the seller will send 2 engineers for installation,and the installation fee is 60USD/day/person.The buyer is responsible for the round-trip  airplane tickets,accommodation,medical treatment, safety and relative fees.In addition the buyers should assigh 1 interpreter and 2




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